Mother Mouth-Eyes and her Guten Unterkinder share a bed together in the biggest root on Leaky Tree, where they eke out a living brewing batches of fresh spider for the spider-eaters who live in the leaves, descending every night to feed: business as usual.

            The Guten Unterkinder are dreadfully protective of Mother Mouth-Eyes and do their best to keep her safe from the Vandalman and his Oil-Sheen Army, but now King Kompromat and his Courtesy Goons are trying to start another so-called Government, which means its back to garnished wages and to the so-called business as usual.

            But Vandalman doesn’t come around so often anymore, and the Meat Council, in their fleshtextured thrones, keep nothing but a little oil for themselves. The last time Vandalman came to Leaky Tree was to parlay. He set a bucket of flies before Mother Mouth-Eyes. The Guten Unterkinder splayed their limbs and surrounded the screaming threat, but all the flies flew out when he took off the lid, and Mother Mouth-Eyes forgave him, her lips thin, her eyes chattering, and business continued as usual.

// "Spiderbatch" originally appeared in Curating Alexandria, 10/2018